Mission Critical Technology

LIST proprietary technology meets the highest performance, resilience and security standards required to operate in the financial markets and risk management environments.
Our solutions are the ideal tools to support the ongoing digital revolution.

Entrust LIST’s high performance, proven and secure solutions with your critical business and new digitization and automation projects.

Distributed stream computing and parallel processing
Built-in fault tolerance and resilience
Hardware accelerated solutions: HPC, GPU, FPGA
Process monitoring and audit


Exploiting LIST’s proprietary microservices architecture and agreements with world-class, global hosting and network infrastructure providers our solutions can be delivered as a hosted, fully managed services.
Our highly customizable Service Level Agreements successfully meet the needs of our most demanding clients.

Reduce the total cost of ownership outsourcing with LIST’s solutions.

Dedicated infrastructure, private or public Cloud
ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications
High frequency data management
Preconfigured, high performance appliances


LIST actively participates in the data management revolution stemming from the digitization of the Financial Markets. 
Our Data Scientists team designs tools to extract and exploit the information available in trading, risk management and compliance data.

Fully exploit the informative content of your proprietary data to enhance your business, reduce operational risks and create added value.

Inferential statistics & data mining
Machine learning techniques and neural networks
Artificial intelligence and process automation
Anomaly detection and forecast


LIST’s pricing solutions for fixed income and derivatives as well as our systems for risk management embed advanced financial modelling, leveraging on the robust quantitative finance skills of our Financial Engineering team.

Enjoy the advanced and accurate quantitative models embedded in our solutions, speeding your time to market.

Pricing and analytics
Stochastic modeling
Risk modeling
Market micro structure

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