Data Centric Trade
Surveillance System

multi-compliance Hub

LookOut is a multi-compliance solution for trade and market surveillance, regulatory reporting and business analysis specifically designed for Investment Firms (buy-side and sell-side) and Trading Venues.

The solution complies with the European trading regulations and fulfils similar requirements in Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Singapore and USA.
Relevant regulations include: MAD/MAR, MiFID/MiFIR, SFTR, conflict of interest and personal dealing (Europe); Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (USA); Universal Market Integrity Rules (UMIR) and other IIROC rules (Canada); Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (Japan); Securities and Futures Ordinance (Hong Kong); Market Misconduct Regime, Part XII SFA (Singapore); Indonesia Law no. 8; SGX Trade Surveillance Handbook and Members’ Surveillance Dashboard.

LookOut also supports FX Global Code extending its datacentric surveillance system to the foreign exchange domain. The FX Global Code module features:

  • Existing detection pattern library adapted to FX specificities
  • New surveillance agents to cover FX Global Code principles
  • Dedicated analysis on spot rates and forward points

LookOut is recognized as a successful product from our customers thanks to a number of unique selling points:

fast (real-time) and scalable pattern recognition engine

extended catalogue of built in detection patterns

regulatory updates adaptive maintenance

highly skilled support team

integrated, web-based case management system

The technology behind LookOut constantly evolves, introducing new features such as a machine learning toolkit and no-SQL database infrastructure.


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