real-time risk,
margins and limits


JANUS is a suite of advanced products designed to support financial institutions in monitoring and controlling risk in real-time and across multiple assets and markets.

These products solve multiple problems across multiple jurisdictions, with a strong focus on local compliance, comprised of functionality and rules that can be tailored by the user to fit both the regulations and the firm’s compliance regime. Originally designed to be a pre-trade buying power in-line risk management and control system, the suite has evolved, driven by customer demand, into several off the shelf, yet highly customisable applications, that are designed to be open and connected via their APIs. The system has been adopted by small and large firms, used either as a local single market solution, or global, multi market solution, with multiple inter operable instances and components each fulfilling very complex business needs.

JANUS is recognised as a market leader in the risk management space, being the first true ‘intraday consolidated dashboard’ for risk managers

aggregating trade and order flows across back-offices, trading platforms and clearing systems

monitoring user defined risk measures

generating alerts on limit breaches

storing risk indicators and limit breaches to support client behaviour analysis

replicating margins as calculated by CCPs across 60+ exchanges globally

JANUS has received several awards from market participants.

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