From May 25, 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 679/2016 – General Data Protection Regulation) is applied in all European Union countries, with the aim of ensuring better protection of personal data and privacy.
Personal data is information that directly or indirectly allows the identification of a natural person.
In order to harmonize the national legislation with the European regulation, Legislative Decree 101/2018 was issued in Italy, in force since September 19, 2018.

LIST S.p.A. has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) that each user can freely contact, if he has questions about the policies and practices adopted by the company.
The Data Protection Officer can be contacted by writing to
On this page, information can be viewed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations – GDPR relating to data protection of the various categories of data subjects for the processing that users concerns them.

Notifications on the processing of personal data: