Chief Executive Officer

Alvise has held key positions at LIST Group for more than 20 years..

During this time, he has built lasting relationships with many important financial institutions and driven the development of innovative technology solutions for our clients worldwide.

Passionate about mathematics, technology, and finance, Alvise has an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Pisa. 



Chief Product & Marketing Officer

Mirko has recognized the need for real-time risk management since the early 2000s. .

A co-founder of The Technancial Company (TTC), Mirko guided TTC’s growth into a global market leader in real-time risk management and surveillance. He managed product and business development for TTC and its parent company IT SOFTWARE until their acquisition by LIST Group in 2019. 

He has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Milan. 



Chief Solutions Officer

Paolo joined LIST Group in 2008. He has led the development of dedicated solutions for our key clients, gaining experience in finance, treasury, compliance, and risk management. 

His goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients worldwide as we design and deliver advanced solutions for their complex and varied needs. 

Paolo has a degree in Theoretical Physics from the University of Turin. 



Chief Service Officer

Flavio joined LIST Group in 2007 after a successful career as a developer, system administrator, and manager of complex IT Services with key roles in Customer Service.

As Head of Operations at LIST, Flavio introduced innovative management methods. His expertise has been integral to enhancing our customer experience and satisfaction ratings.

Flavio has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Milan. 



Chief Technology Officer

Vito joined LIST Group as a software architect before rising to head of R&D. He became LIST Group CTO in 2021

With more than 20 years of experience in financial technology platforms, Vito is focused on technology, innovation, and quality.

He provides technical leadership and contributes his expertise to the design and development of our high-performance enterprise solutions. 

He has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Pisa.