Chief Executive Officer

Alvise has held key positions in the company for more than 20 years, during which he built long-lasting relationships with many important financial institutions.

His goal is to continue to position LIST as ‘the innovative global technology provider’, overseeing all strategic and business aspects of the company.

Passionate about mathematics, technology and finance, he earned a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Pisa, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities.



Chief Product & Marketing Officer

Mirko brings his experience growing TTC into a global market leader in real-time risk management and surveillance. He recognized the need for real time risk management in the early 2000s, managing product design, business development and branding for TTC and its parent company IT SOFTWARE.

Passionate about technology, he embraced entrepreneurial projects ever since graduating in Computer Science from the University of Milan. He joined the management team of LIST following the acquisition, in late 2019, of the companies he co-founded.



Chief Business Development Officer

Mino, having graduated in Computer Science from University of Pisa, spent a couple of years in academia having fun with Logic Programming. He joined LIST as software developer in 1997. Prior to this, he dreamed of becoming a top football player, but although this didn’t happen, his dedication and discipline helped him build a foundation in the innovative field of financial market software.
His experience and solid understanding of the technology, the industry and of LIST customers allowed him to make a successful transition from the role of Chief Software Architect to running Sales and Business Development. Mino is based in London.



Chief Solutions Officer

Paolo graduated in Theoretical Physics from the University of Turin. He joined LIST in 2008, where he led the development of dedicated solutions for LIST’s key, gaining extensive experience in Finance, Treasury, Compliance and Risk Management.

Always passionate about technology and computer science, enthusiastic about the
future and innovation, his goal is to design and deliver technologically advanced
solutions, based on the demanding and sometimes unique business needs of clients and building close and long-lasting relationships with LIST customers worldwide.



Chief Technology Officer

After having graduated in Computer Science from the University of Pisa, Vito started his career at LIST as a software architect, then running R&D, ultimately rising to his current role in 2021.

With more than twenty years’ experience in financial technology platforms, he is responsible for different product business lines with a specific focus on technology, innovation and quality.

He provides technical leadership and participates in designing and developing complex, high performance enterprise solutions.



Chief Service Officer

Flavio joined LIST in 2007, following a successful career as a developer, system administrator, and manager of increasingly complex IT Services with key roles in Customer Service.
As Head of Operations for LIST, he introduced innovative management methods, greatly improving the function. His thorough knowledge of business operations has proven integral to enhancing customer experience and overall satisfaction levels.

Flavio lives in Toronto, Canada, as Managing Director of the newly established LIST Canada, since moving there in 2018. Flavio earned a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Milan.