27th ASSIOM FOREX Congress

NEWS & EVENTS 27th ASSIOM FOREX Congress 5-6 february 2021 LIST is proud to be Platinum Sponsor of the 27th ASSIOM FOREX Congress, the annual Congress of the Financial Markets Operators.This year the event will be held digitally on February 5th and 6th, with a rich

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LookOut Systematic Internalizer

NEWS & EVENTS LOOKOUT SYSTEMATIC INTERNALIZER London, September 21ST, 2020 Following the recent first-time publication by ESMA of data for derivatives, clients of LIST Lookout Systematic Internalizer seamlessly extended to derivatives the required calculations for SI determination. This component is designed to support institutions in

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EMEA Trading Conference 2020

NEWS & EVENTS EMEA TRADING CONFERENCE 2020 London, 10 September 2020 LIST is honoured to sponsor the EMEA Trading Conference 2020, Europe’s largest one-day trading event, organised by the FIX Trading Community. The one day virtual conference will cover the most pressing issues facing the

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