L'uomo che ci ha regalato i numeri

Pisa (Italy), 23 November 2019

LIST is glad to have sponsored the event “L’uomo che ci ha regalato i numeri (The Man that Gave Us Numbers)”, organised by the University of Pisa on November 23rd, 2019.

The day was dedicated to Leonardo Fibonacci, the renowned mathematician from Pisa who first studied the numeric sequence carrying his name. The special guest of the day was the art critic Philippe Daverio, who gave a lecture entitled “La storia pesante del numero leggero: da Fibonacci a San Tommaso (Heavy History of the Light Number: from Fibonacci to San Tommaso)“.

The event was part of the cycle Informatica50, promoted by the University of Pisa in occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first Italian degree course in Information Science in 1969, of which LIST is the main sponsor.

Alvise Insalaco, LIST’s CEO, explained this effort: “Our company was founded in Pisa by five computer scientists, alumni of the University of Pisa and I’m honoured of having graduated here too. The relationship with this University has always been important for us and I think it’s strategically important for our future international growth to strengthen it“.




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