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Liquidity Management

Liquidity Management - Treasury and Risk Management

FT-CMD (Cash Management Dashboard) is the LIST solution for managing treasury liquidity. Through a uniform client interface, FT-CMD allows the real-time monitoring and forecasting of intraday treasury liquidity. The key features of the product can be summarized as follows:

  • Real-time solution:
    Receiving and sending online payment provisions - Calculation of internal positions - Sending and scheduling queries towards settlement systems (T2/EBA/T2S) - Insertion of liquidity transfers between accounts.
  • Real-time Liquidity Management:
    Management strategies for releasing payments - Dynamic categorization of incoming/outgoing payments through the user interface - Dashboards for viewing detailed position.

  • Forecasting:
    Dashboards for viewing forecast position details.
  • Multi-Currency Management:
    Currency messaging - Tools for managing the correspondent account.
  • Integration Capabilities for Collateral Management:
    Immediate and future display of collateral available.
  • Configuration strategies:
    Conditional release filters - Sales query scheduling - Customized cut-offs for release of payments.
  • Basel III integration:
    Daily computation and data storing regarding monitoring tools for intraday liquidity management - Data segregation for single time slot- Possibility to export data manually.
  • Facilitation of integration with the bank’s systems:
    Availability of tools to facilitate the integration with the bank’s systems.
  • User-friendly graphical interface:
    User-friendly client interface to monitor the settlement of payments and the perspective of future cash flows - Web interface.
can be divided into four linked modules: