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Straight Through Processing

Straight Through Processing - Capital Markets

DEALMANAGER is the modular scalable STP solution developed by LIST Technology, that can be easily customised, so allowing for a quick and effortless integration.

Improve your global post-trade efficiency
DEALMANAGER automatizes and makes the whole trading process converge, from deal capture, through deal processing, up to forwarding it to back and middle office systems.
DEAL MANAGER simplifies deal capture phase by putting together all these heterogeneous products, connections and protocols, making it transparent to you.

The comprehensive features of DEALMANAGER make all this possible:

  • Instant multi-instrument deal collection from several origins into variety of middle-end systems
  • To date, 50+ key providers and markets are handled: Markets, Brokers, distribution networks and platforms, vendors, …even voice deals
  • 18+ instrument types already included in our portfolio: FX, Equities, Derivatives, MM, CDS, ...
  • Multi-destinations transparently managed in parallel: Kondor+, Murex, Wall Street, Proprietary systems…
  • Loss and duplicates control
  • Netting, Splitting and Back-To-Back trades management
  • Record and identification of received deals
  • Real-time monitoring of trading operations
  • Implementation and modification of complex logical rules as for: routing to one or several destinations on a several paremeters base, enrichment, information mapping, conversion to several formats
  • Audit/tracking of every single event and action
  • Seamless integration with any existing systems, standard or proprietary
  • Local technical support provided by highly qualified team in your country