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LIST has been providing innovative solutions for the financial industry for 30 years specifically in the areas of:
  • Capital Market: electronic markets (official, regulated, MTF, ECN), real time settlement systems, algotrading solutions and professional trading systems.
  • Risk Management: modular solutions for the integrated management of financial and operational risk , compliant with the most recent italian and European regulations.
Since 1991 LIST has been involved in many projects at leading banks, creating software systems in several different critical areas of the bank: treasury and finance, international payments, internal markets, information broadcasting, web portals for internal dissemination of information, sales support and management, etc.
All solutions can be offered as On Site License, or as Application Service Providing (ASP), delivering infrastructure and hardware provided by LIST.
The SLA that defines the service levels (delivery times, type of connection, hardware infrastructure, performances, etc..) can be defined
to meet needs of each customer.
To ensure the best service to its customers, LIST uses the best technologies and systems in partnership with highly qualified operators.