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Capital Markets

Stefano Pampaloni
Chief Technology Officer
"FastTrade is the final step of 20 years of experience in Trading Systems.
With FastTrade users can exploit trading opportunities faster and more accurately than anyone else in the marketplace, but always with the comfort of a real-time risk limits control".
LIST's proposition for the Capital Markets Industry is FastTrade Platform.
This platform aims at meeting all the needs of financial institutions: banks, stock markets, Exchanges, groups, consortia, brokers and auditors.

FastTrade overcomes all the difficulties inherent to the fragmented and highly competitive environment of financial markets by a modular package of solutions in a single user-friendly interface. In fact, FastTrade modules can be combined based on user needs.
Once the system has been customized, it then offers the following features for both the sell and buy side:
  • trading and dealing simultaneously with various financial instruments (e.g. equities, bonds, derivatives, money);
  • multi and meta market integrated access to e-markets, exchanges, information providers and brokers via a single, uniform, cross-asset and user-friendly interface;
  • best execution in terms of price, cost, commission, speed, liquidity, etc.;
  • automatic execution of trading, pricing, quoting, and hedging strategies;
  • risk management;
  • creation of internal markets;
  • integrated management of treasury flows;
  • order routing.

Designed to create mission critical applications, the FastTrade platform is a low latency software cluster providing high availability and load balanced services, horizontal and vertical scalability, based on standard hardware and network.
FastTrade is platform independent (supporting different operating systems and DBMS) and uses standard protocols (FIX, SQL) as well as dedicated proprietary API.

Since 2005 LIST has been offer also Hosting and Application Management services, using redundant site architecture, located in advanced proximity and hosting centers.