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Business Process Modeling

Business Process Modeling - Governance, Risk & Compliance

The GRC Evolution module for Business Process Modeling is a tool for the representation and analysis of business processes. It increases both effectiveness and efficiency and can identify  any exposure to risks. Thanks to efficient profiling tools and web access, the module allows information to be shared on a large scale.

Identification and Mapping
The Business Process Modeling module is an integral part of the GRC suite Evolution and thus allows access to information shared by the other solutions in the suite (e.g. Organizations, Processes, Risks Catalog, Application Systems).
The modeling graphics library has a very user-friendly graphical interface. It allows multi-dimensional analysis, thus facilitating the identification of business risks by highlighting the areas most at risk.

Time machine and Audit trail
The module is able to show the status of previous processes, risks and controls from any date and allows the history of any data to be rebuilt going back to the originator of the data. Diagrams can be versioned, and each version can be consulted and restored at any time.

Independence Methodology
The Business Process Modeling module can be easily adapted to different methodologies and supports multiple views (an integrated view of all compliance activities, or a dedicated view for each compliance, or a mixed view) in line with user profiles.

Workflows and profiling
The module can be used to define workflow validation of diagrams by representation methodology. The operations that can be carried out in the various steps of a workflow, as well as access to diagrams, depend on the user profile.

Exporting data
The mapping data can be exported and imported in different formats. The diagrams, which are defined according to BPMN 2.0 standards, can also be exported in BPMN format.

The Business Process Modeling module provides advanced reporting and internal regulations, by combining the mapping information with that found in catalogs and in the other modules of the suite.