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Business Continuity

Business Continuity - Governance, Risk & Compliance
B-Safe is an integrated solution for managing and supporting Business Continuity.
It complies with surveillance norms and with the ABI Lab methodology.

B-Safe offers an optimal relationship between cost and level of protection. It provides management features for Business Continuity with the following benefits:
  • greater stability and security;
  • guarantee of compliance with the norms of surveillance institutions;
  • lower expected losses in the case of a disaster: B-Safe allows you crisis situations to be managed, thus supporting business continuity and reducing losses in the event of disasters or accidents;
  • integration with operational risks: the actions managed by B-Safe offer security solutions that can be integrated with OpRisk Evolution, LIST’s solution for operational risk management. B-Safe can consequently also mitigate operational risks thus allowing for a reduction in allocated capital against those risks;
  • enhancement of the image of the Bank, with competitive advantages in relation to customer segments that are sensitive to issues of Business Continuity;
  • reduction in organizational costs.
B-Safe can be fully integrated with GRC Evolution, LIST’s suite for managing Governance, Risk and Compliance. In particular, B-Safe is natively integrated with OpRisk Evolution, the component of GRC Evolution for managing operational risk.

The ease of use and the high level of flexibility of the user-interface mean that B-Safe can be tailored to any type of organization.

The user interface can be customized in terms of:
  • Layout.
  • Reporting.
  • Language.
  • Messages and alerts.
  • Model data.
The customization of the user interface is like those adopted in the most sophisticated application tools  (e.g. Microsoft Excel).

The customization can be made by internal resources of the Bank, in a completely autonomous way, and it does not require the intervention of specialist developers or system administrators.

B-Safe is a web application. The application functionalities can be used through all web browsers, without using any special client applications.