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Audit - Governance, Risk & Compliance
The smartest way to improve your governance
I-Audit Evolution was designed to meet the increasing complexity in auditing activities. LIST’s integrated software acts as a repository of heterogeneous information so that auditors can access corporate information and audit manuals in a structured way. In fact, risks and controls can be evaluated during inspections and audit managers can be facilitated in planning and monitoring auditing activities.
I-Audit Evolution provides a robust solution to critical issues regarding the internal audit function of any enterprise. For example:
  • control and risk mapping on process and organizational units;
  • control and risk models and evaluations;
  • potential risk assessment;
  • residual risk calculation;
  • planning and monitoring of auditing activities;
  • easy access to corporate data;
  • secure partitioning of audit-sensitive information;
  • full management of audit manuals and documents;
  • complex reporting features;
  • tableau de Board management.
I-Audit Evolution manages all the information involved in the auditing activity. It enables you to manage or access organizational data, perform audit evaluations, retrieve information needed for evaluations, plan and monitor auditing activities and manage auditors efficiently.

Access to information
LIST’s 25 years' experience in solving complex technical problems allows I-Audit Evolution to manage a large amount of data through intuitive interfaces. Any auditor can be granted access to all the information that is specifically relevant for him/her with a high level of granularity.

I-Audit Evolution provides a detailed audit trail that automatically keeps track who did what and when. In a few clicks any internal or external auditor can reconstruct the whole history on any issue.

Transparency to Regulators
Having a regulatory authority come into your enterprise to review your processes and documentation is normally a long and complex activity. With I-Audit Evolution all the information needed by regulators can be accessed quickly and easily, with full confidence regarding the quality and origin of the data.

I-Audit Evolution is fully integrated with OpRisk Evolution and MultiCompliance Evolution, thus giving a full view of data coming from risk management and compliance activities.