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LIST is as an "outstanding company" in the SME Observatory

The difference between excellent performance on just one occasion, and consistent high-level performance.
Once again, LIST has been designated as an "outstanding company" by the SME Observatory - The Italian Excellences.
On June 22 at the Borsa Italiana, during the presentation of the results of the SME Observatory 2017, the top 30 companies received the award. Once again LIST received this prestigious recognition.

The SME Observatory of Global Strategy analyzes the financial data of about 7500 SMEs belonging to all sectors of production, with a turnover between 20 and 250 million Euros, and selects  those companies which, over the last five years, have consistently beaten the industry's averages on strategic growth and profitability indicators.
The selection process evaluates the financial results as well as competitive positioninginternational orientation, and level of innovation.

"Companies classified as 'outstanding' are great Mid Caps," said Antonella Negri-Clementi, President and CEO of Global Strategy. 
"They are quick to grasp ideas and more forward-looking in identifying distinctive features than their competitors, thus creating value, especially on international markets".
In short, the selection criteria highlight the outstanding performance of an exceptional company: to quote the volleyball world champion Pasquale Gravina, who introduced the event: "The difference between winning once and being able to win consistently over time."