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Surveillance - E-markets
LookOut is LIST’s cloud-based algorithmic engine for electronic trading surveillance, compliant with MiFID and MAD directives and with the most recent ESMA guidelines.

LookOut monitors public and private trading data for different markets and asset classes, and supports the implementation of complex pattern-detection algorithms by providing real time pre trade and post trade alerts to comply with the most recent regulations.

Highly flexible, LookOut can adapt to different business contexts, easily performing trading surveillance for electronic market platforms, investment firms and regulatory authorities.
As part of the fulfilment of regulatory obligations, LookOut includes a comprehensive warehouse system for historical data, the connectivity to a variety of trading venues, and a Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine. This infrastructure can be easily exploited to implement non-surveillance related functionalities, such as comparative performance monitoring, execution reports and more.

LookOut is available as a service on LIST's Cloud, thus minimizing the implementation impact and optimizing market connectivity costs.