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Compliance Hub

Compliance Hub - Enterprise Risk Management

LIST Compliance Hub is an operational Tool for the "Compliance Officer", designed to manage the Compliance Program.

Compliance Hub:

  • is designed to automatically cover the second line of defense of the model created by ECIIA: supervision, control and monitor of the risks, compliance and obligations management;
  • is the technological application of the "Compliance Management System", a complete management system including all standards and best practices for the “Compliance”;
  • provides a framework of laws and rules of the Compliance for both external and internal rules, thus fully covering the needs of the "Corporate Compliance";
  • completely solve the "Penal Compliance" with an integrated solution and follows the requirements of the Penal Code regarding the criminal liability of legal persons;
  • is applicable to organizations and companies of all size from both the public and private sectors.

Our solution covers the 3 pillars of the "Compliance Officer" role: PREVENT - DETECT - INFORM

Compliance Out-of-the Box
The solution is a multi-device and multi-user web application, based on a robust technology, proven in large multinational companies, to serve the needs of the Compliance Units of all kinds of companies with a software-as-service model.
Our solution is offered as "ready to run" service under subscription and focused to meet the needs of the Compliance Units of companies,  user-friendly and easily adaptable, flexible and scalable.

Compliance Officer's Community
Compliance Hub offers a community platform to share Compliance Officer experiences and information, keep in touch with experts and ask for consulting.