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"Four years ago, DIAS decided to change direction and move from the mainframe environment to a more modern and technologically advanced platform. We were looking not only for a reduction in costs, but also for the new opportunities that would be provided by the new technologies. We found the best partner that we could find, LIST.
LIST provided all the necessary technological expertise. Together we redesigned, and LIST re-implemented all DIAS's services, which provide Clearing, Settlement and a multitude of payment instruments. None of this would have been possible, without the commitment of the people in LIST, their skills and flexibility, their good will and fast response to new requests and challenges. We look into the future with confidence that we are following the right path to success, and we hope that we will always find such good partners and friends as the LIST people that we have met".
"LIST's ability to deeply understand the professional needs in our field of business has meant that we have been able to develop products and get results that have contributed to the professional growth of market users. I have always been impressed the company's skills in finding and training people through teamwork, which has powerfully enhanced the productivity and results of each person, thus generating an unquestioned success factor."
"Five years of innovation, estimation, competence, and reliability. These are just four of the values that have been the hallmark of our collaboration with LIST. A perfect mix of what anyone could possibly want from a high-quality partner. And the goals that we have reached together prove that the quest for excellence always remains, whatever the circumstances, the most concrete and winning success factor. Accept my best wishes, dear friends, for reaching this first fantastic goal."
"I first came across LIST when E-MID decided to create a new market platform to trade liquidity, interbank deposits and overnight indexed swaps. With the help of a well-known specialized consultancy firm, we made a wide selection - a real "beauty contest" - and immediately LIST emerged as the company with the best mix of experience, reliability, and value for money.
LIST has fully satisfied the expectations of the Italian and foreign financial community. The supplier relationship has been accompanied by a partnership that has increased the possibility to communicate and a fruitful collaboration in the interests of the European financial system at the center of which is LIST's platform created for E-MID."
"I have known LIST for many years, but more than that I know the people who work for LIST and their passion. As Aristotle aptly wrote: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but an habit."
"LIST and ASSIOM have always maintained a rich and profitable dialogue along with a continuous exchange of knowhow. This attitude has been of the utmost importance for all companies which are part of the financial community. LIST's management can certainly take the credit for this successful partnership as it has looked ahead and has designed software solutions useful for the present but ready to meet the requirements of future markets."
"The birth of LIST is related to a very specific moment in computer science in Italy. At the beginning of the 1980s, several Italian companies decided to start new research laboratories in Pisa, to carry out research projects in cooperation with Pisa University and the Italian National Research Council, including participation in the first large-scale European research projects. The main, and perhaps only, result of that experience was the creation of a few groups of excellent software engineers, oriented towards innovation in international environments. In one case only - LIST - technical quality was combined with excellent management skills. The result is a company which, without any political support and links to IT corporations, became in just a few years, the international leader in an important and qualified business area. It is definitely a unique case in Italy. I am personally very proud of my small contribution as the ‘magister' of some of the key persons".
"My collaboration with LIST started thirteen years ago, when the Bank of Greece was introducing an innovative computerized financial system. Since then, I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with most of LIST's personnel and of building up strong business and personal bonds, thus making LIST a valuable partner. LIST distinguishes itself, above all, for the professionalism of its staff, for the innovative solutions offered, and for the reliable and on-time support provided whenever needed.  For this reason, this success story continues today and will certainly go on for many years to come.  Happy 25th anniversary to LIST! ".
"BT has worked with LIST for several years, together delivering solutions to our joint users internationally that are helping to change the shape of financial markets. By bringing together the unique expertise of each of our organizations in the financial technology sector, we have repeatedly shown how our cooperation can be of outstanding benefit to our customers."
"My first meeting with LIST goes back to 1992. During these 18 years of collaboration, we have developed high value industrial projects thanks to a close relationship in every phase of the various projects. This success has been achieved through the reliability, professionalism, and experience of the whole staff working in LIST. Still today this is the main feature of LIST."
"I had the pleasure of making my first contact with LIST many years ago. It was a young company, made up of young people who were full of enthusiasm, had many good ideas and a strong will to innovate, and who had a long-term vision and outlook on the world. Together, we implemented small- and large-scale projects, each of which were important for the financial community and for Italy. On their 25th anniversary, LIST continue to be young (and solid), always with new ideas, a mass of enthusiasm and a strong will in terms of innovation and enterprise. Both the financial community and the country still need LIST"
"The Scuola Normale Superiore and LIST have had a history of collaborations, such as the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae, which was a database, with a sophisticated user interface, of all the texts of ancient Greek literature. During the period I was director, I remember with pleasure the project we set up together for the Master's in "mobile computing", which led to some of the leading experts coming to Pisa. LIST has given a great contribution to increasing the quality of the information technology in scientific community in Pisa, and I am sure it will continue to do so."
"LIST has been one of the pillars on which, in the 1990s, the automation of the financial markets was based. This process was full of technological obstacles and cultural issues which were addressed with enthusiasm, passion and hard work to reach a high level of success that is still evident today. Professionalism, tenacity, talent, and innovation are the main characteristics of LIST ... and this still makes it UNIQUE after 25 years."