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Our mission
To develop innovative solutions that meet the real needs of our clients
"Our constant strive for innovation, coupled with major investments in research and development, and our attention and respect for our clients, have enabled us to be a reference partner for a wide community of clients for more than 20 years."
LIST was founded in 1985 in Pisa, where the headquarters and R&D labs are still located.
Moving away from its beginnings in a strictly technological environment LIST has since been at the cutting edge of computer technology for conceiving and producing innovative systems for the financial world.
LIST has conceived, designed, developed and produced software and cutting-edge systems for capital markets, helping to create the first electronic Monetary and Financial markets. The company has developed platforms and solutions for trading on financial markets, which have been milestones in the evolution of that sector (Trading Systems).
LIST has also created integrated solutions for managing risk, audit and governance of organizations and financial processes (Governance, Risk & Compliance).

LIST sees the markets and electronic trading systems as essentially two sides of the same coin.
FastTrade® was the result of seeing an opportunity to conceive and develop a technology for the entire capital market, to shape the electronic markets as well as implement increasingly sophisticated trading platforms.

An enabling technology with which the various application systems on the various financial instruments are integrated, modular and scalable.

At one end there are markets (Internalized, Multilateral Trading Facilities, Regulated Markets and Stock Exchanges) and at the other end pure access systems. And in the middle are the whole variety of systems that combine increasingly evolved trading systems with the markets: advanced access (multi-and meta markets) to multi assets markets and for different types of traders, from position keeping, risk management and risk monitoring, smart order routing with guaranteed best execution, order management systems, assisted trading, autoquoting, program trading, up to the most modern MiFID brokerage platforms, algorithmic trading systems, and banking operation support systems.

MiFID Brokerage Platforms for comprehensive and integrated management of the collection of orders from wherever they originate; for sending orders to the various trading venues (including any internal markets) in line with the execution policy of the customers and in compliance with the MiFID directives; supervision and control of flows; and the management of middle office and back office post-trading operations.

Completely integrated with the technology for capital markets, this is GRC Evolution: a modular suite for the management of Operational Risk requirements, General Compliance, Internal Audits and Business Continuity, in accordance with Basel II. An integrated platform that collects and normalizes all of the events and thus provides critical data for monitoring, prediction and prevention aimed at risk mitigation.