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On the Road to Excellence

On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Company’s foundation, LIST published "On the Road to Excellence" (text by Enrico Rainero and photographs by Renato Sandrini).

This book uses the history and places of Tuscany, the region where LIST has its head office, as a metaphor for the values and mission of the company - the passion and industrial vision. Excellence - the target of so many companies - is often just around the corner. The secret is in knowing where to find it, and then to believe in it and to practise it day by day.

"Browsing through this book is like a journey through a dream because its contents do not seem to belong to the every day. This is a guide on an ideal tour through Tuscany and the values vaunted by this part of Italy for those  ready to observe and interpret: harmony in nature, ethics at work, and a strong creative impulse. The legacy that traspires through the dream experienced in this Tuscan journey is the legacy of generations of people who steadfastly cultivated excellence and handed it down to posterity.
The matrix of the producers of this book is purely technological, but behind the digital contents are the talents of people whose research has reached the cutting edge of the profession. Like every successful enterprise, it is born from a vision, it takes shape with work, and it spreads values."
Enrico Rainero