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30 Years

30 Years - Since 1985
Developing technology to innovate the market

It was the mid 1980s and this was the business proposition at the basis of LIST: bring together innovation and business - where the market is the fundamental point of reference and final judge.
Combining the most advanced technologies to develop state-of-the-art software systems and identify a target market that was demanding and receptive: we found it in the financial industry!

This opportunity led us to two other cornerstones to our approach: the "culture" of the product and an international horizon.

In a world of software production that lived on body rentals and time & material, the only way to innovate seriously was for the company itself to invest (in people and money) for new technologies and new products, by making use of the most advanced methods and tools and by designing and developing a software product with industrial features. Given the choice of buying or making, we always opted for making - that's the only way to learn.

The international scenario was, and still is, fundamental. It is incredibly difficult to export Italian software to international banking institutions. But when you manage to do so - and without any political backing or lobbies, and with Made in Italy written on your back- well that's extremely satisfying!

Finally, the fourth cornerstone, though in terms of LIST's underlying thinking it's actually the first, the starting point: individuals brought together into a team.
Initially we were a small group of people who had studied and worked together, bound together by mutual esteem and friendship. Then over time the company grew by carefully seeking out talented and motivated people. We bring on board determined youngsters and help to bring out the best of them, all within a balance of relationships between people, respecting each individual and the interests of the company.
It is only in this climate that we can work with such passion - with commitment and satisfaction - giving our utmost every day to our clients and partners.

Enrico Dameri, Co-founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer